• Milena Sozio

Deck the Halls & Get Your Home Sold

Before you deck the halls, see what holiday staging will help get you sold.

Similar to any other time of the year, buyers want to envision their own items in the space - not be distracted by yours. This may seem difficult if you love decorating for the holidays and, along with many other reasons, can be a factor for people not wanting to list during the month of December.

However, there are ways you can decorate and keep home buyers interested in your property. Here are my 6 best tips for staging your home over the holidays:

  1. Create a cozy vibe. You don't need a bare home to make buyers interested or able to picture themselves living there. Instead, add subtle holiday decorations such as a bowl of pinecones, a wreath, or candles smelling of festive cheer (perhaps a nice warm vanilla). Keep in mind, you do want the room to look spacious so maybe put that third tree in storage.

  2. Classy tree. If you have a large family room with gorgeous vaulted ceilings, a tree can actually be the perfect way to show off that space. However, you want to mind the base of the tree. You don't want a large base that obscures the space, minimizes the flow of traffic in the room. Keep the theme of the tree slightly more minimal as well - instead of large ornaments, use icicle lights and tinsel or glass balls that go with the colour scheme of the room.

  3. Go neutral. Not just with you tree decorations but keep nutcrackers, Santas, or other holiday display items stored away as these can distract your buyers.

  4. Accentuate the positive. An arched doorway can be accentuated with mistletoe but stick-on snowflake decales might block the beautiful view out of your bay windows. An elegant fireplace should be free of decorations. You wouldn't want a buyer to not notice it because of the stockings blocking it.

  5. Remove one to add one. In order to not overdo the decorations inside, you should follow the rule of 'remove one to add one'. Remove one regular decor item if you plan to add one holiday decoration.

  6. Curb appeal. The first thing a buyer sees is the outside of the home. That first look is extremely important whether during the holidays or not. Add a colourful mat outside the door and a simple wreath on the front door. Small fake or real Christmas trees on the porch can also bring a sense of excitement to the outside of your house. It is important to not overdo it. With that in mind, the large inflatable snowman may be better left in storage this year. Instead, hang simple string lighting on your home or draw attention to the gorgeous fir tree in the front yard. Highlight the features of your home.

Having your home listed over the holidays may seem daunting but it can be a great opportunity when there are serious buyers and less competition. By using these simple tips to help you stage your home, it will help to stand out from the competition!

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