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All About That Rug Life

When you say the word home, what comes to mind? I think about a cozy room that contains the items that I love and treasure. When you move, the big, empty spaces can feel cold and uninviting. However, a rug can help transform that room into a cozy, quiet and inviting space. Ah, yes - home.

The tricky part about purchasing a rug is in choosing one that fits a space and achieves what you want it to. There are countless sizes, colours, patterns, etc. that you will have to consider during the buying purchase.

According to Bed, Bath & Beyond, you should keep these things in mind when choosing your next area rug:

Size is Everything

A rug should never overpower a room. If you have not measured out the room and how big you can go with the rug, a good rule of thumb is to choose one that will allow for the front legs of all major furniture to sit on it. In a dining room, we always suggest all legs of the chairs to be able to sit on the rug, in addition to the table itself.

Pattern & Colour

Colours should complement the furniture in the room, not compete with it. A room full of colourful furniture may mean you should stick to a more neutral or simple rug. You can be more playful in a more neutral toned room.

Material Matters

In a space like the entryway or living room there is a lot higher traffic on the rug. This means that a plush shag rug may not do the trick. You want this rug to not only be durable but easy to clean (*ahem* thank you Canadian weather for being sporadic and requiring me to clean more than I want to). Look into getting a wool rug for easy cleaning.

P.S. The KAS Retreat Layla Rug resists staining! Make sure to keep an eye on rugs that have awesome abilities like this one in order to keep your home in tip-top condition.

Bonus tip: Try the layering trend! Start with a large, neutral area rug and then place a smaller one with a more playful pattern or texture.

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